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! ---------------------------------------------------------------
! This routine factorizes the grid resolution in the horizontal
! directions to make sure that efficient FFT's are used. The input
! is (In2) is "ny or ny" and the output (Out2) is the largest factor
! A loop in the main routine checks whether the largest factor is
! smaller than 7. If not the simulation is aborted.
! ---------------------------------------------------------------
subroutine Factorize(In2,Out2)
implicit none
integer,intent(in) :: In2 ! Horizontal grid resolution
integer,intent(out) :: Out2 ! Largest factor
integer :: Input,Divisor
! Remove all factors of 2
if (mod(Input,2) /= 0 .or. Input == 1) exit
Input = Input / 2 ! remove this factor
! consider odd factors
Divisor = 3
do ! try 3, 5, 7, etc
if (Divisor > Input) exit ! if a factor is too large, exit and done
do ! try this factor repeatedly
if (mod(Input,Divisor) /= 0 .or. Input == 1) exit
Input = Input / Divisor ! remove this factor
Divisor = Divisor + 2 ! Next odd number
Out2=Divisor ! Largest factor. Should be small for effcient FFT