Multithreaded, massive game of life simluator
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Lab 2.iml

Multithreaded Game of Life

This was an assignment in CS351: Design of Large Programs. It is a multithreaded implementation of Conway's game of life, designed to showcase threaded programming and the performance impact of memory access patterns.


  • scrollable with either click-n-drag, scrollbars, or cursor/page up/page down keys.
  • 'Reset' button will re-seed the grid with random values The spinner next to the play button selects the number of threads.
  • Allowed values are in [1, NUM_CPU_CORES * 2] (to allow for testing of what happens when more threads than cores are used)
    • This number is calculated at the start of the program, so you will have to restart it if you somehow manage to add more CPUs to a live system
  • The dropdown selects a preset for the load button to load
  • Contains 6 presets: