2D sidescrolling game with zombies
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Documentation and Planning
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Zombie House Game

Authors: Shea Polansky, Ari Rappaport, Mohammed Yousefi

This was a game I created as part of a 3-man team for CS351: Design of Large Programs. It was designed to showcase our ability to architect complex, interconnected programs and implement various algorithms such as lighting and random generation.


In each level, the player must navigate the house, using their limited vision to find and reach the end.


  • WASD to move
  • Hold R to run at double speed
  • While running, the player detonates traps that he steps on, resulting in a game over.
  • Hold P to pick up or place traps


I was mainly responsible for the program architecture; the system of Entities managed by an EntityManager, which handles callbacks, events and drawing, is a system I developed based on my own personal game development efforts. I found it to be a useful system, so I copied the design over for this project.