Draw binary circles. Plot them using an AxiDraw (for example).
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#binarycircles A program to draw binary circles in a square grid. If the first bit of a binary number is a 1 then a large black circle is drawn. If it is a 0, no circle is drawn. Then the second bit is checked, if that is a 1, a bit smaller circle is drawn and so on till the center of a circle. For every number (eg 2ˆits numbers) a circle is drawn.

The result is exported to a SVG-file. This file can be opened in InkScape, cleaned (the SVG exporter always put a square around the result; you want to get rid of that one), put in the right document size (A4 or Letter), and plotted using an AxiDraw (by https://www.evilmadscientist.com).

You have to use very fine pencils to see the seperate circles if you want to use more than 8 bits.

By Arjan van der Meij. http://www.plakkenenknippen.nl; twitter: @arjanvandermeij.

-- Pierre: Forked it to add multiple colors and re-share (but all credits to Arjan for the initial code). I want to test the result on a Silhouette Cameo 3 (haven't been able to test the result yet). That should enable me to use 2 colors instead of just one. Was fun excercise to figure out where to add the code to make a bit position always have the same color (blue / red in my case).

Screenshot 2 color