Remake of Bomberman written in C++ and SFML.
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Bomberman remake (for now only core) written in SFML by PiGames

How to play


Rules are similar to standard rules:


Use your movement keys to move and action key to place a bomb

Player 1

  • [arrows] movement
  • [spacebar] action key

Player 2

  • [WASD] movement
  • [LCtrl] action key

How to install


You can download pre-compiled binary from here(64bit) or compile own from sources:

  1. Go to i.e.:[your username]/Games/Bomberman, then enter in terminal: git clone .
  2. cd Bomberman
  3. sh
  4. Run the game: ./BombermanX86_64


Download pre-compiled binaries:

  1. Windows 32bit
  2. Windows 64bit

Then unzip it & play!


Game is under MIT License