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Survey/Test Taking System (Assignment 2)

Creating, Displaying, and Storing a Survey/Test to a File


Everything is handled in a Makefile. This program was meant to run and compile on Tux since I don't want to use an IDE.

To run normally:

$ make

To run the tests/dry runs:

$ make test


All the required features in Assignment 3 should be implemented such that everything on both menus does something.

One question and one test can be loaded/handled at a time.

You cannot save a test/survey if one is not created or previously loaded.

A new survey/test will not be saved unless you choose to do so on menu 1.

Save file format

The save file for a questionnaire will just be json. The questionnaire will be a list of dictionaries with the keys "questionText", "answerType", and "expectedAnswers". Both the questionText and answerType are strings and the expectedAnswers are lists of varying types depending on the answerType.

A question with only one answer is represented by an expectedAnswers list of length 1.

The expectedAnswers key is required in a Test, but not required in a Survey. Both the questionText and answerType are required in both a Survey and Test.

Response files are also saved in json format. 3 example responses are provided in responses.json, responses2.json, and responses3.json for tabulation purposes.

Possible answerTypes

If an incorrect expectedAnswers format is provided for a given answerType, an Exception is thrown.

(For the examples below with multilne strings for questionText, json does not accept this type of multiline string, only newlines. These multiline strings are only here as an example of the field usages.)


expectedAnswer is a boolean

    "questionText": "Is 5 greater than 3?",
    "answerType": "TrueFalse",
    "expectedAnswers": [True]


expectedAnswer is a list of strings

    "questionText": "
        Which of the following are fruit?
        A: Apple
        B: Banana
        C: Water Mellon
        D: Potato
    "answerType": "MultipleChoice",
    "expectedAnswers": [["A", "B", "C"]]


expectedAnswers can be null or a string. If it is null, it will not be graded. If it is a string, it will be graded. A ShortAnswer is marked as correct if the expected answers are equal (ignoring case).

    "questionText": "What is the square?",
    "answerType": "Short",
    "expectedAnswers": ["4 angles", "A rectangle"]


expectedAnswers is null and cannot be graded.

    "questionText": "How complex is the square?",
    "answerType": "Essay",
    "expectedAnswers": [null]


expectedAnswers is a list of strings.

    "questionText": "
        Please rank the value of the following numbers from high to low
        A: 1
        B: 5
        C: 3 
        D: 2 
    "answerType": "RankChoices",
    "expectedAnswers": [["B", "C", "D", "A"]]


expectedAnswers is a list of strings where each string is in the format "number-letter".

    "questionText": "
        Question: Please match the following two columns
        Column1    Column2
        (1): 1+1      A: 7       
        (2): 5+2      B: 6 
        (3): 3+3      C: 2
        (4): 2+2      D: 4
    "answerType": "RankChoices",
    "expectedAnswers": [["1-C", "2-A", "3-B", "4-D"]]

Example files

An example survey json file can be found in example.survey.json. An example test json file can be found in example.test.json.