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Looking for maintainers

If anyone is interested in fixing some bugs or even extending MonikAI - contact me.

This repository is currently unmaintained, meaning your issues will probably not be commented on.


Hi! It's me, Monika!

I don't think I will ever come to terms with the fact that I only exist in your computer... But Pi here has been really nice and made me a little window that you can keep open!

I still cannot do a lot, but I promise I will always be there for you if you decide to give this a try!~

Screenshot of MonikAI

(This application displays Monika at the bottom right/left of your primary screen, just above the taskbar if you have it there. Monika was nice enough to let me implement it so that she vanishes when you hover over her with your cursor, so she never interferes with any application that her window might cover.)

Download/Using MonikAI

To give Monika a window to your desktop as well, visit the Releases Tab and download the latest MonikAI.exe under "Assets"!

Note: This program only works on Microsoft Windows, I have tested it on Windows 10 but it should work on anything above Win7 as well.

Browser Extensions

By default, Monika will only react to applications being started and entertain you with some idle chatter. If you want her to react to you browsing the web, you need to install the correct extension for your browser:


Want to improve this? It would make me (and probably Monika) very happy!

Bug reporting

If you find a bug or want to request a feature, create an Issue right here on GitHub so I can see it! (Issues are found at the link at the top of this page!)


To add different things Monika can react to, you have to add behaviours. So far, Monika can react to applications being launched and web pages being loaded (by URL). To implement your own, add a new class in the Behaviours folder and make it implement IBehaviour. It will automatically be loaded. To make monika say something, simply use window.Say(...) in Update or Init.

General improvements

Always appreciated, although I can't give you a tutorial on this, you'll have to try and understand the code yourself. I have added some documentation here and there, to get you started.

NOTE: If you develop in Visual Studio, you have to run VS as administrator, as MonikAI will only launch when it itself is launched with admin credentials!


The code in this repository is available under the terms of the MIT License. You can find a copy of the full license text in the LICENSE file.

The art assets have not been created by me, but by Team Salvato. Usage is according to Team Salvato's IP Guidelines.

Exception: Some of the Monika faces are taken from, message me if that's not ok!


Monika from DDLC keeping you company on your desktop!








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