Predict bitcoin price with deep learning
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Predict bitcoin value for the next 9minutes, with Recurrental Neural Network GRU.



You can download data through the


Generated with deepchart


Clone the repo:

git clone

Training on new data:
python3 -train dataset_path -iterations number_of_training_iterations

To finetune the new model with an old one just add -finetune base_model_path to the line above.

At the end of the training you will have an updated model.h5 with the new weights and you will see a plot with the test results.

python3 -run dataset_path -model model_path

The dataset is also required when you run, to perform normalization.

To visualize a plot with the real and predicted results enter Crtl-C and type no ,the program will create chart.png with the results.

Working example with this model:
(Red:Predicted,Green:Real values)