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PiSugar is a battery module for Raspberry Pi zero / zero W / zero WH


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Product Wiki

Why We Make PiSugar

In the last few months, we have been working on projects base on Pi zero. It always comes to my mind that why we choose this tiny thing, to build a new portable product.

We believe perfect size will completely change the way we think. We also believe in delicacy and better experience, which are essential for electronic circuit board.

After trying a number of power supply solutions, we found that none of them is elegent enough. So we decide make it by ourselves.

We call it PiSugar PowerPack — a power module specially designed for raspberry pi zero/pi zero w.

PiSugar Demo

Visit PiSugar wiki page for more detail:


Perfect Size

The sizes of circuit board and bettery perfectly match raspberry pi zero. You can easy put your prototypes in small cases.

Easy to Install

Install in one minute. No need for welding. Friendly for beginners.

USB Charging

Charge via micro USB port. Also you can charge when it is running a raspberry pi zero.

On-board Switch

One tap to turn on, dual taps to turn it off. No need to detach.

Place It Anywhere

With iron sheets inside, you can place your pi zero anywhere with magnet.


PiSugar PowerPack M PiSugar PowerPack L PiSugar2 PowerPack L
Output Current 1.2A 2.4A 2.4A
Output Voltage 5V 5V 5V
Battery Capacity 900mAh 1200mAh 1200mAh
Battery Life 3 ~ 4 Hour 5 ~ 6 Hour 5 ~ 6 Hour
USB Charging Port microUSB microUSB microUSB
Size (board) 65x30x1.5 mm 65x30x1.5 mm 65x30x1.5 mm
Size (battery) 65x30x4 mm 52x27x10 mm 52x27x10 mm
Weight 39.5g 44.5g 50g
UPS - - support
RTC - - support
I2C - - 0x75(BAT) 0x32(RTC)
Programable Button - - support

Easy to install PiSugar Demo

PiSugar Case

Link to PiSugar Case:

Link to PiSugar2 Case:

Link to PiSugar2 Case:

Link to PHAT Caps:

PiSugar Caps


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