One Line Bash Script to setup Packet Forwarder
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Overall Build Satus: Build Status

Build Status

Github repo for some of our LoRa Gateway HAT Files for different tasks. See below for a detailed description.

You can either setup your gateway by using the one line installer script on Raspbian or instead, use our pre-made SD card image which has all of this already included and saves the time it requires to compile!

This process takes around 5 Minutes to run on RPi 2B,3B,3B+ & Odroid C2 & Asus Tinkerboards. It takes around 15 minutes on RPi Models B+, A+ & Zeros. However can take even longer on slow internet connections. Please allow up to 30 minutes.

We'll be activly monitoring and looking at how we can improve this installation process.


  1. Login via SSH or console
  2. Run the following command and the software will be all downloaded and compiled
curl -sSL | sudo python3

#Other SBC Requests If you wish to use this on another SBC not mentioned then please let us know and we'll look at supporting it. Do this by creating a github issue.

Files Included


This is our one line installer that will install the following software.


Our configuration script for the software, this will configure the SPI & Clocks on the Raspberry Pi and allow the user to configure the gateway's name, description, region and servers using a simple interface. Also compatible with our gateway image.

Systemd template

Our template for systemd that will automatically start the packet forwarder installed by our installer. Also used in our pre-made SD card image.

Reset script

A basic bash script to reset the concentrator, required by our systemd template to automatically launch on boot.

Reset RPi script

A little script that should reset the Raspberry Pi back to default settings. Used primarily for our jenkins build server.

Contributing to this repo

Please make sure any changes are made to code are done from the master branch and not the release branch. The release branch is only for once it has passed compiling on the boards we are testing on.

If you have an SBC you wish to use which isn't in our supported list then create an issue for it with the correct tag for board requests. Even if it does work with another board doing this means we can document it.

##Automated Testing Status

Raspberry Pi B+ Build Status

Running Raspbian Lite 2018-06-27-stretch

Raspberry Pi 3B+ Build Status

Running Raspbian Lite 2018-06-27-stretch

Asus Tinkerboard S2 Build Status

Running Armbian 5.59 Ubuntu 18.04 4.14

ODroid C2 Build Status

Running ODroid's Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal 20180626

Nano Pi Neo