Use Crypto Webminer JavaScript miner on various Cryptonight | Cryptonight-Lite | Cryptonight-Fast Stratum Pools
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Use Crypto Webminer - JavaScript miner on any Stratum Pool for Cryptonight | Cryptonight-Lite | Cryptonight-Fast Coins

Attention: IPBC created their own PoW mining is disabled for the moment

Update: Cryptonight V8 ready - ?algo=cn?variant=0 for autoswitch or ?algo=cn?variant=2

LiveTest -

Simple Pool change: ?jason=Your_Favorite_Pool:PortNr

Complete example for Cryptonight default fork Coins (autoswitch):

<script src="" > </script>

Attention: Special Case for some custom variant fork coins: Lethean (formerly IntenseCoin) and Graft need ?algo=cn?variant=2

<script src="" > </script>
<script src="" > </script>

Attention: Special Case for some custom POW coins: Stellite need ?algo=cn/xtl?variant=2

<script src="" > </script>

Attention: Special Case for some custom cn-lite variant fork coins: Aeon, Turtlecoin & Ultranote need ?algo=cn-lite?variant=1

<script src="" > </script>
<script src="" > </script>
<script src="" > </script>

Attention: Special Case for some custom cn-fast | POW coins: Masari need ?algo=cn/msr?variant=1

<script src="" > </script>

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