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A collection of awesome project using PicGo.

🚀 Plugin for PicGo

Name Introduction CLI GUI
picgo-plugin-autocopy A plugin for auto copying url to clipboard after uploading. ✅ ❌
picgo-plugin-github-plus An uploader for GitHub & Gitee with sync function. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-pic-migrater A plugin for pictures in markdown files migrating from one img host to another one. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-web-uploader An uploader for custom web api. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-qingstor-uploader An uploader for QingStor image hosting. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-vscode-migrator A plugin for PicGo to import images from vs-picgo. ❌ ✅
picgo-plugin-super-prefix A plugin for customizing images filename and prefix. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-smms-user An uploader for registered user of SM.MS. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-gitlab An uploader for GitLab. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-gitlab-files An uploader for GitLab.Every file make a pull request. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-bilibili An uploader for Bilibili. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-gitee An uploader for Gitee. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-gitee-uploader An uploader for Gitee. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-nextcloud-uploader An uploader for Nextcloud. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-watermark A plugin for watermarking pictures. 【GUI v2.2.0+】 ❌ ✅
picgo-plugin-quick-capture A plugin for quickly capture screenshot && uploading. 【GUI v2.2.0+】 ❌ ✅
picgo-plugin-azure An uploader for Azure. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-sharp A transformer for image compression. ✅ ❌
picgo-plugin-coding An uploader for ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-compress A plugin for image compression. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-wxcloud-uploader An uploader for wx-cloud (微信云开发-云存储) ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-folder-name A plugin for use part of the local address of the file as part of the cloud address. ( 将文件的部分本地地址,作为部分云端地址) ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-dir-prefix A plugin for generate file upload key with directory struct. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-rename-file A PicGo plugin for customizing file name.(文件(包括路径)名称支持日期、随机字符串、文件MD5、原文件名、原文件目录结构等) ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-ucloud A PicGo plugin for UCloud. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-UCloud-uploader Another uploader for UCloud. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-ftp-uploader An uploader for uploading via FTP ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-sftp-uploader An uploader for uploading via SFTP ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-s3 An uploader with Amazon S3 API (or other s3 compatible api providers). ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-minio An uploader for MinIO ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-huawei-uploader An uploader for HUAWEI Cloud OBS(华为云 对象存储). ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-halo-uploader An uploader for halo blog. ✅ ❌
picgo-plugin-cfi-uploader An uploader for Cloudflare Images ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-auto-delete A PicGo plugin for auto delete image when upload success ✅ ❌
picgo-plugin-dogecloud An uploader for uploading to dogecloud(多吉云) ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-postimage An uploader for postimage ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-easypic An uploader for My-Easy-Pic-Bed ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-nutstore An uploader for NutStore (坚果云) ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-bilinyun An uploader for bilinyun (比邻云) ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-imgtp An uploader for ImgTP ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-imagebed An uploader for ImageBed ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-mmwiki An uploader for mm-wiki ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-lankong An uploader for 兰空图床 Lsky Pro 支持 V1 和 V2 ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-autobackup A plugin for image backup ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-compression A plugin for image compression ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-rclone An uploader for RCLONE 联动RCLONE,支持本地备份/远端备份,支持40多种后端。 ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-cloudinary An uploader for Cloudinary ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-squoosh A plugin for compressing image locally using @squoosh/lib and rename with md5 ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-onemanager An uploader for onemanager 联动onemanager将onedrive作为免费图床。 ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-remove-exif Remove EXIF data before uploading 上传图片前移除EXIF数据 ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-penzi An uploader for 喷子图床 ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-ipfs An uploader for IPFS. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-alist An uploader for Alist 在picgo把alist作为图床 ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-light-picture An uploader for Light Picture 适用于Light Picture图床 ❌ ✅
picgo-plugin-oss-outside-url A plugin for PicGo to get oss outside url 用于获取OSS私有空间资源外链的PicGo插件,支持阿里云OSS、腾讯云COS、七牛云Kodo ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-convert-heic Convert HEIC Photo to other formats (Currently only support converting to JPEG). ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-azureimg An uploader for Azure Repo ✅ ❌
picgo-plugin-free-uploader a picgo plug -in, support user custom script. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-lsky-uploader An uploader for LskyPro 适用于服务器自建兰空图床开源版 ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-gofile An uploader for Go File. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-gofile An uploader for 遇见图床. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-imgbb-uploader An uploader for Imgbb. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-lychee An uploader for Lychee. ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-simpletex An uploader for SimpleTex. Allow you to use LaTeX OCR based on SimpleTex. 基于 SimpleTex 的 LaTeX 光学字符识别,可以作为 MathPix 的替代品 ✅ ✅
picgo-plugin-gdrive An uploader for Google Drive. ✅ ✅

🛠️ Plugin for Other APPs

Name Introduction
vs-picgo A VSCode plugin of PicGo.
coc-picgo A Vim plugin of PicGo.
atom-picgo An Atom Editor plugin of PicGo
obsidian-image-auto-upload-plugin An Obsidian Editor plugin of PicGo and PicGo-Core

📦 Project using PicGo-Core

Name Introduction
giki-cli A CLI app for
nvim-picgo Picgo plugin for neovim
PicList Advanced development based on PicGo. (基于PicGo的二次开发版本,增加了云存储管理和相册云端同步删除功能)

⭐ Apps supports PicGo Configuration

Name Introduction
flutter-picgo PicGo mobile app
PicHoro Another PicGo mobile app


Make sure your have read the CONTRIBUTING, then you can open a PR!