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A repository of all of PicNet's google closure custom controls and library code.For a quick demo click the link below
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build Fixing some implementation bugs
lib Removed the use of Kernel in BaseControl replaced with Singleton whic…
src Made the director accessible to descendants of BaseController
.gitignore Created a vs2012 solution for the project Update
TODO.txt Updated TODO
picnet.table.filter.min.js Fixing some implementation bugs
picnet_closure_repo.csproj Renamed the pn.model namespace to pn.mvc
picnet_closure_repo.sln Created a vs2012 solution for the project Fixed a table filter bug and added to release

Welcome to PicNet Closure Repository


PicNet Table Filter

PicNet Closure Repository

To view a demo of some of the utilities in the picnet closure repo please visit: PicNet Closure Demo

PicNet Table Filter Readme

View the Readme of Table Filter

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