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DataManager redirects to Google Gears #1

chmac opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Callum Macdonald Guido Tapia
Callum Macdonald

I'm interested in the DataManager app you've published. I've tried the demo, but each time it redirects me to asking me to install gears. I'm using Firefox 5.0 on Ubuntu 11.04. I've tested on a clean browser profile (default profile, no cookies, addons, etc) and I experience the same issue.

As I understand it, Gears is the third option, and firefox supports the first, so I'm not clear why the redirect is triggered. Could be a bug in the demo or in the class itself? Debugging is tough on a minimised file, so I haven't looked into it much.

As an aside, is there any documentation for the code? I was looking at the js files, but I wasn't clear how to use the code in practice. I figured the demo would be useful, but it's minified so doesn't help much.

Thanks for sharing your code, it looks like a really useful contribution.

Guido Tapia

Interesting, I have'nt tried this in FF5. IndexedDB should be picked up, but the indexedDB support / API is super unstable still so perhaps its broken in FF5 or perhaps its just FF5 in Linux.

If you want to see an example check out the code.

I'll look into FF5 soon.

Thanks for the heads up

Guido Tapia

This is fixed (tested in FF8)

Guido Tapia gatapia closed this
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