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+# [Project Home Page]( #
+Download the Table Filter source [here](
-## PicNet Table Filter have moved to a new [Repository] ( ##
-Download the Table Filter source [Here] (
-Download the [release] (
-For assistance see: [Table Filter Help] (
-## How to compile picnet.table.filter.min.js ##
-Checkout the closure-library project from SVN (put this anywhere):
-[svn checkout] (
-Download the [closure compiler]
-Unzip the compiler.jar file and place anywhere.
-Dowload and install Python 2.7 (if required) from [Python] (
-Modify the compile.bat variables at the top of the file to point to your
-installation directories of the following tools:
-PYTHON27_EXEC - Your Python 2.7 exe file
-CLOSURE_LIBRARY - The path to you closure-library directory
-CLOSURE_COMPILER - The path to you closure-library directory
-Run the compile.bat file
+Download the [release](
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