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This js project adds column filtering capabilities to a regular html <table> by adding a row to the <thead> section of a table and adding filters that allows real time filtering of tabular data. Note: The source code of this project has moved to:

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How to compile picnet.table.filter.min.js
Checkout the closure-library project from SVN (put this anywhere):
svn checkout

Download the closure compiler from:
Unzip the compiler.jar file and place anywhere.

Dowload and install Python 2.7 (if required) from

Modify the compile.bat variables at the top of the file to point to your 
installation directories of the following tools:
PYTHON27_EXEC - Your Python 2.7 exe file
CLOSURE_LIBRARY - The path to you closure-library directory
CLOSURE_COMPILER - The path to you closure-library directory

Run the compile.bat file
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