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Samples featured on the Online Demo of the Picturepark Content Platform. This public online demo provides you with various samples of how a virtual organization which we have named the Fine Organic Foods Association (FOFA) supports its stakeholders (organic farmers and retailers) with unified access to product data, content logistics and up-to-d…
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Picturepark Microsite SDK Samples

Microsites are single or collections of web pages which are integrated within larger websites or online portals, or provided stand-alone. Microsites complement other online premises with purpose-specific content and functionality, often targeting specific audiences.

A Picturepark Microsite pulls content from the Picturepark Content Platform, where content authorities manage the material, e.g., metadata, taxonomy, semantics, permissions. Editors make content available using distribution channels, query filters, or permissions without having to manually copy between systems, aka headless content management.

Microsites can be static, always displaying the same content, or they can be dynamic, in which the content can differ based on rules, metadata filter definitions, or user search queries.

Content Portal

The Content Portal enables those browsing publically to easily navigate and find guidance through a variety of content via both filters and a powerful search. Content Portal users can examine thumbnails or other previews of content, which they can additionally choose to download in a range of formats and image resolutions. It is an excellent publication end-point within a wider headless workflow.

Get hands-on experience with our demo version.

Who needs this?

Organizations with many different types of content to communicate with the public, employees, partners or other groups, e.g., as

  • Image Gallery
  • Download Area
  • Brand Material
  • Document Links

What are the Features?

  • Clear tiled structure with previews (definable by admins)
  • Groupings by content purposes - such as logos or product shots
  • Filtering via facets for content
  • Powerful search functionality
  • ‘Basket’ feature to collect specific pieces of content
  • Fast and responsive design

Press Portal

The Press Portal is a fully functional press-centric microsite SDK sample.

Visit the live FOFA demo, to experience what it is like for the public to access selected press-ready content delivered from Picturepark Content Platform to the Press Portal.

Who needs this?

Organizations that operate multiple brands or sub-groups; or Organizations that publish similar news regularly to different channels. Works, e.g., like:

  • Partner Listings
  • Press Kits
  • Training Center
  • News Area
  • Historic Milestones

What are the Features?

  • Easy-to-navigate tiled menu view
  • Menu with image and short text preview (of news item)
  • Separate page per news item (full body copy and other photos)
  • Additional downloadable media available on each page
  • Social sharing to popular social platforms via a widget
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