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Our Typescript SDK contains HTML 5 Fetch and Angular service classes for access to the Picturepark API. The Angular SDK has ready-made UI Components based on Angular Material for easy reuse in your projects or as a reference to how a custom UI for accessing and managing Picturepark content can be built. A sample “Content Picker” application show…
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Picturepark Content Platform TypeScript/JavaScript SDK


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Contains Angular service classes and UI components to access the Picturepark API.

NPM package: @picturepark/sdk-v1-angular


Contains client classes to access the Picturepark API with window.fetch.

NPM package: @picturepark/sdk-v1-fetch


Provides functions to show a content picker to select existing assets in 3rd party applications.

NPM package: @picturepark/sdk-v1-pickers


Contains widgets to embed Picturepark content into other websites.


Compatibility matrix

SDK version Picturepark CP version
1.0.x 10.0.x
1.1.x 10.1.x
1.2.x 10.2.x
1.3.x 10.3.x

SDK Development


Regenerate clients from Swagger specification

Run the following commands to regenerate the clients based on the Swagger specifications in /swagger:

npm install
npm run nswag

For more information, see NSwag.

Release new package versions

  1. Change package versions in the following projects and delete all package-lock.json files:
  • picturepark-sdk-v1-angular
  • picturepark-sdk-v1-fetch
  • picturepark-sdk-v1-pickers
  1. Run the following command to regenerate the package-lock.json files and build all projects:

    npm run build

  2. Commit and push changes, then merge into the "release" branch. The NPM packages are now automatically published by AppVeyor.

CI Builds

Branch: master

Release Builds

Branch: release

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