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Bash Script Examples writing for Raspbian
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RaspberryPi Bash Script Examples

Bash Script Examples writing for Raspbian OS

Raspberry Pi image Image: Raspberry Pi 2 Model B 1GB

Attached scripts

  • - blinking LED (On/Off GPIO)
  • - blink 7 LED one after the other
  • - LED gradual lighting up and then gradually turning off
  • - Check external server status by URL (LED blink / led Off = server is off line; LED lighting = server is online)
  • - Switch On/Off LED like as semafor
  • - Switch On/Off GPIO when you write GPIO ID



  1. Copy files from /example/ in to path home/user/ (in Raspbian OS)
  2. And open it in terminal as sudo user

Run in Raspbian OS bash terminal

  1. Open terminal (CTRL+T or CTRL+ALT+F1)
  2. Write command in terminal like this sudo ./
  3. Add GPIO ID when your script asks a question

Raspberry Pi ssh terminal window

Image: SSH Putty

  1. When answer all start up questions, script will be run

Raspbian script

Image: Raspberry Pi started bash script

End script

  • Some scripts end automaticaly but you can cancel running script by CTRL+C.

Have fun

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