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iWWDC 15

iWWDC 15 is here!

iWWDC 2015 Open Source Edition includes:
=> iWWDC15 for iOS <=
-> iOS 8 Size Classes: One design for everyone!
-> Quick Twitter sharing with a snapshot of the current view
-> Opens Safari to the WWDC website
-> Quick help view (automatically opened at first launch)
-> Local Push notifications 10 hours, 1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes before the event starts, and when it did start

=> iWWDC Widget <=
-> A countdown to the WWDC in your Notification Center!

=> iWWDC for Apple Watch <=
-> Glance for iWWDC called iWWDC Countdown Glance
-> WatchKit app called iWWDC for Apple Watch
-> Receive iWWDC15's notifications right on your wrist!

Classes you might want to reuse:
=> TimeHelper <=
Enables you to easily deal with dates and times.

=> ScreenshotHelper <=
Enables you to easily take snapshots of a view.

=> LocalNotificationHelper <=
Enables you to easily play with local notifications (register, add, remove).

=> NotificationHelper <=
(Can be used along with LocalNotificationHelper but you don't have to)

How to use?
Just open the project in Xcode, select your iPhone (with paired Apple Watch if applicable) and you're good to go!

You might reuse any of the source code of this Open Source Edition version as long as you mention this GitHub page in your credits
Logos and everything Apple-related is (c) Apple, Inc.