Library to connect your C++ project to your BeC3 account
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Project realised in IMAC Engineering School.

Set up BeC3-lib

  1. Download zip file or clone the git repository

    git clone

  2. Move it to your third-party directory

  3. In your third-party's CMakeLists.txt, add Bec3-lib subdirectory's


  4. In your project's CMakeLists.txt, include Bec3-lib directory's and set BeC3-lib

    include_directories(third-party/Bec3-lib/include/) set(Bec3-lib)

Prior installation

Install Web-Lite API (created by BeC3)

Run WebLite API

Linux and Mac OSX :


Windows :


Install CMake

Linux :

$ sudo apt-get install cmake

Mac OSX :

$ brew install cmake

Install CURL

Download CURL

How to use

Create a session

1. Make an instance of the Bec3 class

Bec3 mySession;

2. Initialize the session

There are two ways to init the session, you can pass a json initialization file as a constructor parameter, or pass your username and password as constructor parameters too.

  • The file way
Bec3 mySession = new Bec3("assets/conf/Bec3.json");

Notice that you can delay the file initialization with the initFromFile() method

Bec3 mySession;

Example JSON configuration file :

  "user": {
    "login"    : "corentin.limoge",
    "password" : "coucou" 
  • The login way
Bec3 mySession = new Bec3("username", "password");

Create an object

For create a virtual object, you need to add an object to your session. You had to use the addObject() method

mySession.addObject("id", "type");

Object id

The id of the object is simply its name, you can choose whatever you want.

Object types

There are four types of object :

  • gauge : The gauge can be "filled" by others objects of the BeC3 platform.
  • slider : The slide can take a value between 0 and 255.
  • light : Like a real light, it can take two states, true or false.
  • msg-receiver : This object can receive a text message.


mySession.addObject("myLight", "light");

Use an object

Get the state of an objects

If you want to get the state of an object, the Bec class has the method getObjectState() which takes the ID of the object and which returns a state object.


You can perform four actions on a state :

  • retrieve the ID (in a string) : mySession.getObjectState("id").getId();
  • retrieve the string value : mySession.getObjectState("id").getString();
  • retrieve the int value : mySession.getObjectState("id").getInt();
  • retrieve the boolean value : mySession.getObjectState("id").getBool();

Update the state of your objects

Each object have a state, depending of its type. You had to update the different states of the objects before you want use it. The method updateObjects() is made for that.


Thank you for using our library. Have fun with BeC3 and BeC3-lib !