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- add training mode
- GK is sometimes lost... and they go too far from the goal
- previous team are not kept when returning to menu
- why there is no animation if delta_time is too big ?
- menus don't always have a "return"; if may be useful in the options
- make players able to avoid collision ? (depending on strength)
- be able to change attacking and collision distances
- when a cpu player has the ball, and the second closest to the ball is an enemy and it the direction of the goal, and there are more than 1 player per teams, pass.
- correct ref_pos scale with overlaping
- change difficulty : shrink team charateristics
- use health and endurance, and make stronger players avoid attacks
- what to do if choose twice the same team ?
- make xml for fields ?
- add fight mode AI
- better integration of team select in menu2 => make a special goto in menu.xml ?
Retrogamelib bugs :
- menu size
- dialog progress too soon
- added center_shift to help centering text
Doc :
- possible to take the ball when someone is goint to shoot
- you can ask your teamate to pass the ball to the closest player of your team
- you can ask your teamate to shoot, in the direction you give