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Peregrine Backend (FRC Team 2733 Scouting App)
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NEW REPO: here

Backend for the Pigmice scouting app

Environment Variables

Some environment variables are needed to tell the app what to do.

  • PG_USER: postgres user
  • PG_PASS: postgres password
  • PG_HOST: postgres host address
  • PG_PORT: postgres port (defaults to 5432)
  • PG_DB_NAME: postgres database name
  • PG_SSL_MODE: postgres ssl mode
  • TBA_API_KEY: the blue alliance api key
  • SCHEMA_PATH: path to the report schema
  • HTTP_ADDR: http address
  • HTTPS_ADDR: https address
  • CERT_FILE: path to ssl certificate file
  • KEY_FILE: path to ssl key file
  • ORIGIN: ACCESS-CONTROL-ALLOW-ORIGIN http header value (defaults to '*')
  • YEAR: year to use when consuming data from tba api (defaults to current year)


  • Go to main directory for the server: cd cmd/scouting-backend
  • Build: go build
  • Run: ./scouting-backend

Pushing to Docker Hub

  • Build the docker image: docker build -t scouting-backend .
  • Get the docker image ID (the one we just created): docker images
  • Tag the docker image: docker tag {docker id} fharding/scouting-backend:latest
  • Push the docker image: docker push fharding/scouting-backend:latest

Keep in mind you will obviously need access to fharding/scouting-backend. Docker Cloud should automatically re-deploy.