A screensaver that displays live webcams from across the world!
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Live ScreenSaver (0.2)

A ScreenSaver for Windows made by PikaDude.

What is Live ScreenSaver?

Live ScreenSaver is a screensaver made by PikaDude (me) that displays live webcams from across the world!

Requires .Net Framework 4.6.1

Otherwise it probably won't work... Download it here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/download/details.aspx?id=49981

How do I install it?

Download the installer below here and then it pretty much tells you what to do. https://github.com/PikaDude/Live-ScreenSaver/blob/master/Live%20ScreenSaver%20Installer.exe?raw=true

How do I configure it?

Go to your "Screen Saver" settings on Windows and there should be a configure button. (At the moment there is nothing to configure so don't bother)

Installer returns some weird error

I know this sounds extremely suspicious, but you NEED to run it as administrator. The installer has to move the screensaver into a folder where Windows can find it, hence, the Admin Perms.

I found a bug

Report it in the issues section. Thats why it exists

I found a really cool webcam that I want to be added

Once I have created a config menu, you can add it to your list. But if you think its really good, add it in the Issues section with the tag "Enhancement" or something.


Live-ScreenSaver Live-ScreenSaver Live-ScreenSaver

Does this work on Mac and Linux?

I HIGHLY doubt it. It's designed for Windows.