A collection of android apps to test l10n
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Android L10n Tests

This repo is basically my eclipse workspace with the test apps. To install the apps below, you may need to switch on 3rd-party install location in your settings.

Now, to the apps:


This app let's you iterate through all Mozilla-hosted locales, which at least build on android. That excludes all three-letter language codes, sadly, as well as ja-JP-mac and x-testing. There's an apk to test out, too. There are two forms of test results, locales for which there is no font support, and locales not supported at all. Leave the test results for your device on the wiki.


This app goes through all our Mozilla-hosted locales and gathers the values of the built-in plural logic. Also, there's an apk for this. The result is a text area which you can copy and paste to the wiki.