Compare Mozilla Talos perf numbers for a try-server push with base results
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Talos Node

The server.js app is helping you to compare results from the Mozilla Talos graphserver. The main entry point offers to you select a push from the try server, which is the primary goal of this app. On submitting, you get to an intermediate screen that shows the progress while the server is gathering data from the hg server. It then offers a link to the graph display, which compares the try results with the changesets on mozilla-central that are closest to your try push in the graph on try. It compares to 10 pushes. You can reload the page to get updated test results.

Provided libraries

The code comes with a few more or less useful libraries in lib.


Get results from the graphserver, and post-process it as needed for our use-case. It takes one revision to compare to a list of reference revisions. You should make sure that those revisions are 12-digit hg hashes.

The load api returns an object that you can later register callbacks to, enabling you to start the async load before you defined the observer. If the load is done already, you'll get the callback run on process.nextTick.


A simple asynchronous interface to get the json output of both the pushes and the info web apis on the hg web server.


Very rudimentary templating engine. You can specify synchronous js blocks with:

// some js code
res.write('this ends up in the output');

Asynchronous blocks can be created with:

res.write('this code is written right now');
  res.write('this code is written a second later');
  // need to call end with the last asynchronous write for this block
}, 1000);


node.js seems to be rather active, breaking compat every now and then. This code was tested with revision 0.1.97.