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You can download the source code of LZVN and pre-compiled copies of libFastCompression.a and libFastCompression-Kernel.a with:

curl -o LZVN.zip https://codeload.github.com/Piker-Alpha/LZVN/zip/master


You can unzip the downloaded archive with:

unzip -qu LZVN.zip [-d target directory]

Make instructions


Note: You don't need to run: make clean first because that is done automatically.


You can install the executable with:

make install

Note: The executable will be copied to: /usr/local/bin


./lzvn <uncompressed filename> <compressed filename>
./lzvn -d <compressed filename> <uncompressed filename>
./lzvn -d <path/prelinkedkernel> kernel
./lzvn -d <path/prelinkedkernel> dictionary
./lzvn -d <path/prelinkedkernel> kexts
./lzvn -d <path/prelinkedkernel> list

The kernel argument will extract the kernel from the given prelinkedkernel. The dictionary argument will extract the dictionary containing the Info.plist of all kexts. The kexts argument will extract all kexts to a ./kexts folder. The list argument will show a list of all the included kexts.


All possible bugs (so called 'issues') should be filed at:


Please do not use my blog for this. Thank you!