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Version 15.6

Version 15.5

Version 15.4

Version 15.3

Version 15.2

Version 15.1

  • Download/unzip of IASL should not require administrator privileges (Pike, November 2014).
  • Typo in bug report link fixed.
  • Help text/link for the 'Unknown processor model' error added.
  • Minor cleanups.
  • Separation of script and data, now using .cfg files for supported models/cpu data.

Version 15.0

  • Option -o(pen) now opens the previously generated SSDT (Pike, November 2014).
  • IASL now runs without administrator priviledges (sudo).
  • Output path changed from ~/Desktop/ and /tmp/ to ~/Library/ssdtPRGen/.
  • Command line tool extractACPITables will now be downloaded (removed from script).
  • Option -h no longer requires administrator priviledges.
  • Revoke administrator privileges after installation of iasl.
  • Option -s(how) is now case insensitive and now also supports sandy/ivy or all.
  • Moved update info to
  • Moved contributors to
  • Fixed errors in function _getPBlockAddress.
  • New board-id/model combos added for the iMac15,N (Haswell).
  • New function _checkLibraryDirectory added (check/setup directory structure).
  • New function _extractAcpiTables added (checks/download tool, extracts ACPI tables).

Version 14.5

  • Argument -bclk allows you to specify a custom BCLK frequency (Pike, November 2014).
  • Help text for -bclk option added.
  • Basic support for pre-Jaketown/Sandy Bridge models added (power/control/status fields).

Version 14.4

  • Errors in processor data for the Intel i5-4690 fixed (Pike, November 2014).

Version 14.3

  • Error fixed, thanks to 'ginsbu' for reporting it on Github issues (Pike, November 2014).
  • Ivy Bridge workaround detection scheme changed.

Version 14.2

  • low frequency mode changed for some of the Intel E3-1200 series (Pike, November 2014).
  • Ivy Bridge workarounds (default value) now set based on the version of OS X.
  • Typo fixed (tr -d -> tr -D).

Version 14.1

  • low frequency mode fixed for the Intel i5-3317U (Pike, October 2014).

Version 14.0

  • zipped up data of acpiTableExtract tool added (Pike, October 2014)
  • Support for Yosemite added (no longer using ioreg to get ACPI table data).
  • Commit text/version information copied from Github (partly/too much work).

Version 13.9

  • processor data for Xeon E5-16NN v3 and E5-26NN v3 Processor Series added (Pike, September 2014)

Version 13.8

  • processor data for i7-3900 Mobile Processor Extreme Edition added (Pike, September 2014)

Version 13.7

Version 13.6

  • processor data update for mobile i5/i7 and future Haswell-E processors (Pike, July 2014)

Version 13.5

  • processor data for i5-4440S,i5-4570TE,i5-4400E,i5-4402E and i5-4200H added (Pike, May 2014)

Version 13.4

  • processor data for upcomming Xeon E3-12nn v3 models added (Pike, April 2014)

Version 13.3

Version 13.2

Version 13.1

  • enhanced _debugPrint with argument support (Pike, April 2014)
  • Haswell refresh (desktop) processor data added.
  • triple/quad byte package length support added .
  • typo in help text (-turbo) fixed.
  • opcode error ('Name' instead of 'Device') fixed.

Version 13.0

  • removed unused variable 'checkGlobalProcessorScope' (Pike, April 2014)
  • missing deviceName in two calls to _debugPrint fixed (Pike, April 2014)
  • fixed a typo in help text for -d and now -d 2 also works again (Pike, April 2014)
  • made -help work (Pike, April 2014)
  • stop overwriting the ACPI processor scope name with the last one, by using $scopeIndex (Pike, April 2014)
  • debug data fixed/running processor was missing when the -p argument was used (Pike, April 2014)
  • more text hidden/only shown when -d [2/3] argument is used (Pike, April 2014)
  • improved multi-processor support (Pike, April 2014)

Version 12.9

  • processor data for the Intel E5-2600 and E5-4600 processor series added (Pike, March 2014)

Version 12.8

  • processor data for the Intel i5-4300 mobile processor series added (Pike, March 2014)

Version 12.7

  • processor data for the Intel E5-1650 v2 fixed (Pike, March 2014)

Version 12.5

  • processor data for the Intel i3-3250T and i3-3245 added (Pike, March 2014)
  • processor data for the Intel E5-1600 v2 product family added (Pike, March 2014)

Version 12.0

  • inconsistency in argument -c values fixed (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • fixed a couple of typos (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • show less/ignore some debug warnings (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • multi-processor support added (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • fixed an issue when argument -p was used (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • inconsistency in argument -a fixed (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • mixup of $data / $matchingData fixed (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • better deviceName check/stop warning with wrong values (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • skip inactive cores with -k clock-frequency in function _getProcessorNames (Pike, March 2014)
  • processor data for the Intel E5-2620 added (Pike, March 2014)

Version 11.0

  • gSystemType for Ivy Bridge desktop models fixed (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • major rewrite to support more flexible script arguments (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • lists with supported board-id/model combinations added (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • renamed argument -l to -s (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • argument -l is now used to override the number of logical processors (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • fixed cpu/bridge type override logic (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • more comments added (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • change bridge type from Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge when -w argument is used (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • Use Scope (_PR) {} if found for DSDT's without Processor declarations (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • less cluttered output (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • check all processor declarations instead of just the first one (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • show warning if not all processor declarations are found in the DSDT (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • first set of changes for multi-processor support (Pike, Februari 2014)

Version 10.0

  • Search for Scope (_PR_) instead of just "PR" (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • Major rewrite/new routines added to search for the processor scope (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • New error message/added text about SMBIOS (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • Ask for confirmation when the script may break/produce errors (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • Double "${" error on line 1640 fixed (Pike, Februari 2014)

Version 9.5

  • Missing Haswell i3 processor data added (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • TDP can now also be a floating-point number (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • New Broadwell processor preps (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • Reformatted code layout (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • Changed a bunch of misnamed (local) variables (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • Fixed a couple of let/local mixups (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • Destination path/filename no longer defauls to RevoBoot (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • Support for RevoEFI added (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • Changed SSDT.dsl open behaviour/ask for confirmation (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • Additional processor scope check to get _SB_ (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • Set gIvyWorkAround=0 when XCPM is being used (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • Added a lost return (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • Fixed some layout issues (Pike, Februari 2014)
  • Removed a misleading piece of text (Pike, Februari 2014)

Version 8.0

  • Show the CPU brandstring at all times (Pike, January 2014)
  • Fixed cpu-type suggestion for MacPro6,1 (Pike, January 2014)
  • Intel i7-4771 added (Pike, January 2014)
  • A couple Intel Haswell/Crystal Well processor models added (Pike, January 2014)
  • Moved a couple of Ivy Bridge desktop model processors to the right spot (Pike, January 2014)
  • Experimental code added for Gringo Vermelho (Pike, January 2014)
  • Fixed a typo so that checking gIvyWorkAround really works (Pike, January 2014)
  • Added extra OS checks (as a test) to filter out possibly unwanted LFM P-States (Pike, January 2014)
  • Let gIvyWorkAround control the additional LFM P-States (Pike, January 2014)
  • Fixed a typo in processor data (i7-4960K should be i7-4960X) (Pike, January 2014)

Version 6.5

  • Updating to v6.5 with bugs fixes and EFI partition checking for Clover compatibility (Pike, May 2013)
  • Output of Clover ACPI directory detection fixed (Pike, June 2013)
  • Haswell CPUs added (Jeroen, June 2013)
  • board-id's for new MacBookAir6,[1/2] added (Pike, June 2013)
  • board-id's for new iMac14,[1/2/3] added (Pike, October 2013)
  • board-id's for new MacBookPro11,[1/2/3] added (Pike, October 2013)
  • Cleanups and board-id for new MacPro6,1 added (Pike, October 2013) – Frequency error in i7-4700MQ data fixed, thanks to RehabMan (Pike, November 2013)
  • Intel i5-4200M added (Pike, December 2013)
  • LFM fixed in the Intel i7-3930K data (Pike, December 2013)
  • Intel E5-2695 V2 added (Pike, December 2013)
  • Intel i3-3250 added (Pike, December 2013)
  • Sed RegEx error fixed in _getCPUtype (Pike, January 2014)
  • Fixed a typo 's/i7-2640M/i7-2674M/' (Pike, January 2014)
  • Fixed a typo 's/gHaswellCPUList/gServerHaswellCPUList/' (Pike, January 2014)
  • Intel E5-26nn v2 Xeon Processors added (Pike, January 2014)

Versions (without version info)

  • Added support for Ivy Bridge (Pike, January 2013)
  • Filename error fixed (Pike, January 2013)
  • Namespace error fixed in _printScopeStart (Pike, January 2013)
  • Model and board-id checks added (Pike, January 2013)
  • SMBIOS cpu-type check added (Pike, January 2013)
  • Copy/paste error fixed (Pike, January 2013)
  • Method ACST added to CPU scopes for IB CPUPM (Pike, January 2013)
  • Method ACST corrected for latest version of iasl (Dave, January 2013)
  • Changed path/filename to ~/Desktop/SSDT_PR.dsl (Dave, January 2013)
  • P-States are now one-liners instead of blocks (Pike, January 2013)
  • Support for flexible ProcessorNames added (Pike, Februari 2013)
  • Better feedback and Debug() injection added (Pike, Februari 2013)
  • Automatic processor type detection (Pike, Februari 2013)
  • TDP and processor type are now optional arguments (Pike, Februari 2013)
  • system-type check (used by X86PlatformPlugin) added (Pike, Februari 2013)
  • ACST injection for all logical processors (Pike, Februari 2013)
  • Introducing a stand-alone version of method _DSM (Pike, Februari 2013)
  • Fix incorrect turbo range (Pike, Februari 2013)
  • Restore IFS before return (Pike, Februari 2013)
  • Better/more complete feedback added (Jeroen, Februari 2013)
  • Processor data for desktop/mobile and server CPU's added (Jeroen, Februari 2013)
  • Improved power calculation, matching Apple's new algorithm (Pike, Februari 2013)
  • Fix iMac13,N latency and power values for C3 (Jeroen/Pike, Februari 2013)
  • IASL failed to launch when path included spaces (Pike, Februari 2013)
  • Typo in cpu-type check fixed (Jeroen, Februari 2013)
  • Error in CPU data (i5-3317U) fixed (Pike, Februari 2013)
  • Setting added for the target path/filename (Jeroen, Februari 2013)
  • Initial implementation of auto-copy (Jeroen, Februari 2013)
  • Additional checks added for cpu data/turbo modes (Jeroen, Februari 2013)
  • Undo filename change done by Jeroen (Pike, Februari 2013)
  • Improved/faster search algorithm to locate iasl (Jeroen, Februari 2013)
  • Bug fix, automatic revision update and better feedback (Pike, Februari 2013)
  • Turned auto copy on (Jeroen, Februari 2013)
  • Download IASL if it isn't there where we expect it (Pike, Februari 2013)
  • A sweet dreams update for Pike who wants better feedback (Jeroen, Februari 2013)
  • First set of Haswell processors added (Pike/Jeroen, Februari 2013)
  • More rigid testing for user errors (Pike/Jeroen, Februari 2013)
  • Getting ready for new Haswell setups (Pike/Jeroen, Februari 2013)
  • Typo and ssdtPRGen.command breakage fixed (Jeroen, Februari 2013)
  • Target folder check added for _findIASL (Pike, Februari 2013)
  • Set $baseFreqyency to $lfm when the latter isn't zero (Pike, Februari 2013)
  • Check PlatformSupport.plist for supported model/board-id added (Jeroen, Februari 2013)
  • New/expanded Sandy Bridge CPU lists, thanks to Francis (Jeroen, Februari 2013)
  • More preparations for the official Haswell launch (Pike, Februari 2013)
  • Fix for home directory with space characters (Pike, Februari 2013)
  • Sandy Bridge CPU lists rearranged/extended, thanks to 'stinga11' (Jeroen, Februari 2013)
  • Now supporting up to 16 logical cores (Jeroen, Februari 2013)
  • Improved argument checking, now supporting a fourth argument (Jeroen/Pike, Februari 2013)
  • Suppress override output when possible (Jeroen, Februari 2013)
  • Get processor label from ioreg (Jeroen/Pike, Februari 2013)
  • Create /usr/local/bin when missing (Jeroen, Februari 2013)
  • Changed warnings to make them pop out in the on-screen log (Pike, March 2013)
  • Now using the ACPI processor names of the running system (Pike, March 2013)
  • Now supporting up to 256/0xff logical processors (Pike, March 2013)
  • Command line argument for processor labels added (Pike, March 2013)
  • Bug fix, overriding the cpu type displayed the wrong name (Jeroen, March 2013)
  • Automatic detection of CPU scopes added (Pike, March 2013)
  • Show warnings for Sandy Bridge systems as well (Jeroen, March 2013)
  • New Intel Haswell processors added (Jeroen, April 2013)
  • Improved Processor declaration detection (Jeroen/Pike, April 2013)
  • New path for Clover revision 1277 (Jeroen, April 2013)
  • Haswell's minimum core frequency is 800 MHz (Jeroen, April 2013)
  • CPU signature output added (Jeroen/Pike, April 2013)
  • Updating to v6.4 after Jeroen's accidental RM of my local RevoBoot directory (Pike, May 2013)