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Run pilothouse --help for inline usage instructions at any time.

System Commands

  • pilothouse up: Boots up the Docker containers, and adds all necessary site entries to the host's hosts file.
  • pilothouse down: Halts the Docker containers, removing all site entries from the host's hosts file.
  • pilothouse restart [container]: Restarts the specified Docker container (nginx, memcached, etc.), or the entire system if no container is specified.

Site Commands

  • pilothouse create [site]: Creates a new local site.
  • pilothouse delete [site]: Deletes an existing local site.

Utility Commands

  • pilothouse compose [command]: Runs a Docker Compose command against the stack.
  • pilothouse logs [container]: Tails the logs for the specified container, or the entire stack if no container is specified.
  • pilothouse mysql [query]: Runs the provided MySQL query. The command will be run on the database of the current site, or with no database selected if not run from within a local site directory.
  • pilothouse shell <container>: Opens a command line shell in the specified container.
  • pilothouse status: Displays Pilothouse's status.
  • pilothouse update-containers: Updates the Docker containers to the latest versions.