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GHI v.2.0 includes a lot of changes in the GHI releated API available to the item scripts.

The following functions is available:


  1. Actions
  2. Texture Animation
  3. Misc
  4. Classes
  5. Game World Data
  6. Container
  7. Stack
  8. Dynamic action
  9. Modify Item
  10. API Example


Action api rev 991

Texture Animation


Misc api rev 932


Classes api of rev 932 The following is class objects. See the page for each object for the api of the returned object.

Game World Data

Game world data api of rev 933


Container api of rev 990


Stack api of rev 990

The stack API gives information about the current executing item.

Dynamic action

Dynamic action api of rev 990

The dyn functions are only available to scripts executing inside a dynamic action.

Modify Item

Modify item api of rev 1005

Modify Item API is used for Creation and Editing of an item within a script. GHI_CreateItem and GHI_EditItem both returns an item object.

There are a number of functions for these two objects. There are two basic kinds of these: Item Info and Item Modification.

which got the following functions:

Modify Item API: Item Info

  • .DisplayItemTooltip
  • .GetAuthorInfo
  • .GetCooldown
  • .GetFlavorText
  • .GetGUID
  • .GetItemComplexity
  • .GetItemInfo
  • .GetLastCastTime
  • .GetSimpleAction
  • .GetSimpleActionCount
  • .GetVersions
  • .IsConsumed
  • .IsCopyable
  • .IsEditable
  • .IsOnCooldown

Modify Item API: Edit Item

  • .AddSimpleAction
  • .IncreaseVersion
  • .RemoveSimpleAction
  • .Save
  • .SetComment
  • .SetConsumed
  • .SetCooldown
  • .SetCopyable
  • .SetEditable
  • .SetIcon
  • .SetLastCastTime
  • .SetName
  • .SetQuality
  • .SetStackSize
  • .SetUseText
  • .SetWhite1
  • .SetWhite2

API Example

Here we will list more complicated API examples with extensive commenting for you to learn from and use.

  • Gnomish Raffle Machine In order to demonstrate many functions of the API and to assist in an event on the Earthen Ring server, we present this Gnomish Raffle Machine for you to learn from.
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