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GHI_SendChatMessage(text, chatType, language, channel, delay[, evtManualItemGuid])


GHI_SendChatMessage has 1 required argument and 5 optional arguments.

The message to be sent.
chatType [optional]
This is the type of chat being done. if none is specified it defaults to SAY. You can find reference for this at[]
language [optional]
This is the language the message is to be spoken in. If none is specified it defaults to the faction language.
channel [optional]
This is the channel to send the message to or the target of a whisper.
delay [optional]
This is a delay between use and the chat message being sent, measured in seconds.
evtManualItemGuid [optional]
If you wish the item to use another item as the target for the %L variable then enter it here.


  • SendChatMessage()


local message = "Run Away! The %L is about to explode."

GHI_SendChatMessage(message, "RAID_WARNING", "Gnomish", nil, 5)

This script announces to the raid, in Gnomish, that the item is about to explode

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