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GHI_ShowBook(itemContainerGuid, itemContainerSlot, title, pages, material, font, normalSize, h1Size, h2Size, h1Font, h2Font, extraMat, coverTable)


GHI_ShowBook has 4 required argument and 9 optional arguments.

The container GUID of the book, best found using " stack.GetContainerGuid() "
The slot number of the book, best found using " stack.GetContainerSlot() "
Title of the book that displays in the header bar of the book window.
This is a table of strings of text that includes the desired text for the book page. This text must contain strict HTML markup. It may include alignment attributes and other elements allowed in the SimpleHTML[] object. Each page should be a separate entry in the table. When entering this text use double brackets instead of quotes.


<H1 align="center">Heading</H1>
<H2>Sub Heading</H2>
<P>Body Text</P>

material [optional]
This is a string with the name of the texture to display for the book. Choose from:
  • Bronze
  • Marble
  • Parchment
  • Silver
  • Stone
  • Valentine
font [optional]
This is a string with the name of the font for the book. Choose from:
  • Morpheus '''[UI Standard]'''
  • Frizqt '''[UI Standard]'''
  • Arialn '''[UI Standard]'''
  • Skurri '''[UI Standard]'''
  • Allura
  • Astloch
  • Audiowide
  • Badscript
  • Renaissance
  • Blkchcry
  • Butcherman
  • Condiment
  • Fredericka
  • Frijole
  • GochiHand
  • GreatVibes
  • IMFellEnglish
  • Nightshade
  • Killigrew
  • Alfabatix
  • Holy Empire
  • Alako
  • LovedbytheKing
  • LoversQuarrel
  • Metamorphous
  • Miltonian
  • Miniver
  • Norican
  • Nosifer
  • Novacut
  • OleoScript
  • Rayando
  • Sarina
  • Shojumaru
  • Sniglet
  • TradeWinds
normalSize [optional]
Size of the normal body text of the book.
h1Size [optional]
Size of the largest heading text of the book.
h2Size [optional]
Size of the sub-heading of the book.
h1Font [optional]
This is a string with the name of the font for the H1 tags. See font entry for list of fonts.
h2Font [optional]
This is a string with the name of the font for the H2 tags.
extraMat [optional]
This is a string with the name of the additional to display for the book. Choose from:
  • Vellum
  • Auction
  • Winter
  • Orc
  • Tauren
  • Forsaken
  • Illidari
These extra materials are available in the standard UI. There are additional materials available to the scripting environment in the form of the class talent backgrounds pre-Mists of Pandaria. To use these construct the material like this example: "ClassSpec" with the first letter of each capitalized.

When using Extra Materials, it is best to set Parchment as the material for Vellum, Auction, Winter, Orc, Tauren, and Forsaken. Stone is the recommended material for all others, including Illidari and the class spec materials.

coverTable [optional]
A specially constructed table used to produce a cover when a book is opened. cover = { bg = "String", -- This is a string telling it which background to use. bgColor = "String or Table", -- a string of the color name or a RGB table to set the background tint. logo = "String or Number", -- This is a image path or number for a guild logo color = "String or Table" -- Same as bgColor, but for the logo and title text. } The cover will automatically display the book's title along with the logo on the front cover of the book.

Here is a list of available cover backgrounds.

  • Fabric1
  • Fabric2
  • Fabric3
  • Leather1
  • Leather2
  • Leather3
  • Hide
  • Reptile




local title = "Sample Book: Sample Sub-Title"

local material = "Stone"

local font = "Frizqt"

local n = 15

local h1 = 24

local h2 = nil

local h1Font = "Morpheus"

local h2Font = nil

local extraMat = "WarriorArms"

local cover = {

bg = "Reptile",

bgColor = "blue",

logo = "Interface\\Timer\\Alliance-Logo",

color = "yellow",


local pages = {



<H1 align="center">Sample Book</H1>

<P align="right">Sample right aligned text.</P>

<P align="left">Sample left aligned text.</P>

<P align="center">Sample center aligned Text.</P>




<H1 align="center">Sample Image</H1>


` ``


<H1 align="center">Sample Logo</H1>