Give an item charges

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The following guide describes how you can create an advanced item that got charges or add charges to an already existing advanced item. The item is automatically consumed when the last charge on the item is used.

Start out with the advanced item you want to give charges, or convert a simple item into an advanced.

'''Note:''' This guide requires GHI v.2.0.8 or newer

{| |'''Step 1 - Define the charges''' Add a new attribute to the item with the name 'charges' and the type 'number'. Let the default value be the number of charges you would like the item to start on. |screenshot |- |'''Step 2 - Display the charges''' Add a new tooltip and give it the name 'charges'. In the dynamic action area (the big red arrow) add add a new 'Set Tooltip Line' action. Let text1 be 'Charges: ' and let text2 be the charges attribute (by pressing 'att' and choosing the 'charges' attribute from step 1 on the list). |screenshot |}