Trading an item

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Trading an item is much the same as trading a real player item.

Simply open a trade window with another player and place the GHI item in a trade slot, then click trade.

If the item is pretty big (Such as with a decent amount of click actions or a large script) it may take a moment for the transfer. This can be tracked by the person receiving the item by looking at the items tooltip in the GHI bag.

Problems with trading and reasons why

Sometimes you will get an error about GHI not being able to trade an item either due to them being 'busy' or not having GHI.

By being 'busy' we basically mean that the players Addon Communications (normally hidden) is busy and can't get to our request right now. In many instances addon communication can be queued or throttled back based on priority and/or traffic. Addon Communication traffic is at its highest when you first login and sometimes after a UI Reload, Normally waiting a bit then trying the trade again should fix it.

You could also try reloading the ui (/reload) or restarting the wow client.