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Variables are ways to store data to be used in places throughout a script. They are much like algebra in that variable "a" can be anything you define "a" to be. "a" could be the character's name. Variables are across an entire Item, no matter what stack, bag, or copy.


Attributes are basically variables specific to one instance of an item. That's one individual of the item. A stack of 10 of an item can have one attribute that holds 10 different things. For example a stack of contracts could have a "signee_name" attribute which contains the names of everyone who has signed a contract.

Attributes can contain many data types. They allow for manipulation of settings in a script or advanced item node inside the script.

Strings are small pieces of text. Names, races, and guild names are strings.
Time inputs are specifically designed numbers to represent an amount of time. It has a slider and manual input for putting in a time amount in seconds.
Image inputs are special strings with the path of an image. The input for this opens an image browser to help you find the image.
Number inputs are simple numbers used in calculations and equations.
Code is a specialized text input for adding script code. It contains a special toolbar for code functions.
Position is a special number input that produces an array containing a location based on X, Y, and World coordinates.
Boolean is used for a True or False logic test. This is often done with a check box.
Icon input is much like an image input, except it is used to browse the game's spell and item icons.
Sound is again similar to the Image input, launching a browser to allow easy searching of a sound path.
Text inputs are very long Strings, allowing for multiple lines.
Color inputs provide an easy way to produce a color table, or list of Red, Green, and Blue values for use in certain functions.
Item inputs allow you to choose a GHI Item for use in a script or node easily. This Attribute input streamlines the normally long process of inspecting an item and retyping it's GUID.
Books are specialized multipage text fields, often with a toolbar for HTML tag insertion.
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