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Welcome to Novel Online World!Pangolin in motion

Connecting to the live game

Game status page (who is on):

Disregard the expired security certificate warning from your browser. (We realize this can be an issue for security-conscious individuals, we shall endeavour to update the security certificate as soon as we can.)

Web-based client:

MUD client:

GitHub repository information

This directory contains the NOW assets in development, and does not actually mirror the operating NOW server.

If you are cloning NOW, be aware that this is the customized code in development, and not the full code for the server.

The prerequisite install of the latest Evennia is required. Be aware that NOW runs atop Evennia in a separate game folder named NOW.

Getting started with Evennia's install

It's highly recommended that you look up Evennia's extensive documentation found here:

Plenty of beginner's tutorials can be found here:

Install Evennia as normal, up to the point where the evennia command is working in your virtualenv.

git clone # create a new cloned NOW folder
cd NOW                                            # change to NOW directory

We already include a file, but you can do:

evennia --init settings

To start a new one in NOW/server/conf/ (Please don't forget to change SECRET_KEY, as it allows for more safety)

If you have no existing database for your game:

cd NOW             # change to NOW directory
evennia migrate    # initialize a new database

To start the server, run:

evennia start

You will see console output, but can disconnect with Control + D, or exit. Evennia stays running in daemon mode and displays output to the console.

Make sure to create a superuser when asked. By default you can now connect using a MUD client on localhost:4000. You can also use the web client by pointing a browser to:



A MUD under construction based on Evennia.






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