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A free-form note taking app with mental health focus πŸ§˜πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
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Pinetype is an educational project to help all involved learn how to build an app from scratch, with no guidance or tutorials to follow.


Rough project outline


A note taking app with mental health focus. Let the mind flow, 500 words a day, automatic sentiment analysis with graphs, charts, stats, badges, tags, trends and such; gratitude section (with some rewards built in)


  • React with transition to Svelte
  • Serverless (Google Cloud, AWS or
  • Notes encryption (
  • Mongo or Firebase
  • GraphQL as an interface
  • Tensorflow for sentiment analysis
  • for voice notes transcriptions (there must be a better tool)
  • Background music generator (AI generated lo-fi ideally)
  • Catalyst app (iOS/MacOS)


  • Signup/Login (Auth0? Firebase?)
    • Email
    • Social
  • Account section
    • Password
    • Name
    • Email
    • Social connections
    • Date of birth
    • Avatar
    • Location (for weather and stuff of the day - permission or by ip)
    • Download all data about the account
    • Delete account
  • Dashboard
    • Notes list
      • View
      • Delete
      • Metadata
      • Favorite (will base some of the sentiment data on this note moving forward) -Notes stats
    • Weather (Darksky API)
    • Stuff of the day (news/photos API)
    • Sentiment trend
    • Tags
    • Prompt (prompt or quotes API)
  • New note
    • Markdown/WYSIWYG
    • Background music
    • Running counter
    • Autosave on/off (if you want to write, but not to save the note, yet keep the metadata)
    • Encouragements, helpful questions, prompts
    • Live sentiment analysis
    • Save (once saved, note cannot be updated, only deleted)
    • Delete (note only or note AND metadata)

This project is open for everyone to join.

Please mind the Code of Conduct. This project is intended to be a welcoming, inclusive and friendly space. Hate speech or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

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