Assets 5 Update (Mandatory):

Replace 51% attack hotfix with new attack-resistant, fork resistant code.
Add hardcoded checkpoints.
Protocol Update.
Various bugfixes.

Mandatory update, takes effect Monday, October 29th @ 12am UTC. Adds new 51% attack resistant code, resolves issue related to Forking/Syncing and removes the checkpoint dependent hotfix introduced in

sha256 checksums:
634860c7d821a37227fd46452fb8af1c334f77db2e9fe103b48609a6f4b3a823 Pinkcoin-Linux-
3c3c31a39927d2909343ccf1bbd5820284f78e4d4ca48a0995090ed1f2fce520 Pinkcoin-Qt-OSX-

Previous 2.2 Releases:

Allow checkpoints on consensus rules update-

Update to this if your wallet gets stuck and you are unable to sync after the update goes into effect.

There is an unlikely but possible scenario where you could end up with a valid block that meets all of the criteria but the network has elected to follow an alternative chain to the one that you have. This update will allow you to sync to the most recent network checkpoint. This can happen, for example, if you receive or mint a block just before your wallet is shut down and that block later becomes orphaned.
A malicious entity discovered a vulnerability that allowed them to build off blocks deeper in the chain than our best BlockHeight and have them be accepted by the network.

This update adds the following consensus rules-
If a block has been accepted by the network for at least two minutes and its spacing compared to previous blocks is within tolerable limits, that block, and all of the blocks that it builds on, are solidified in the chain and miners/stakers that build on blocks earlier than this will no longer be considered as alternatives by the network.

This update takes effect on Wednesday September 19th, 2018 at 7am UTC. Everyone is advised to update before then or you will fork from the chain when these types of attacks occur. We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your time and understanding.

Note: No coins have been lost, this update should not require a resync. This is the cause behind all the recent orphans.
Fixes bug when trying to sync after September 30th Consensus Update.
Added bootstrap files for Mainnet and Testnet blockchains.
FPOS 2.0
Stake Tab added to Options (Preferences in OSX)
CURRENT_VERSION stepping for soft forks
Various bugfixes & code issue fixes.