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Demo app for the PinkelStar iOS Framework and UI
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PinkelStar iPhone/iPhone4/iPad Framework v0.9.7

This is the master branch of the PinkelStar iOS Demo app.

To use this demo app you will need to register a developer account at PinkelStar. Once registered, you can download the demo app by cloning this repository :

git clone

In the demo app folder you will find a complete and simple test application that uses the PinkelStar framework to build and display different types of like and share buttons. When such a button is pressed, the user can share content with friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and e-mail.

PinkelStar uses the latest iPhone SDK (iOS4.3) and Xcode development environment (Xcode 3.2.6). Please upgrade your environment if needed. PinkelStar is fully compatible with iPhone, iPhone4 and iPad and provides native interfaces for each of these platforms.

Instructions to run the demo-app

The demo app works (almost) out of the box. Open the 'test_ps_framework.xcodeproj' in Xcode, compile and run. You will need to add your own Application Key and Secret to the pinkelstar.plist file first (see below for instructions), otherwise the demo will halt with a warning immediately after launch.


  • Xcode (V4.x)
  • The latest iOS SDK (v5.0)
  • SystemConfiguration.framework, Foundation.framework, QuartzCore.framework, CoreGraphics.framework, UIKit.framework, MessageUI.framework
  • PinkelStar.framework
  • The PinkelStarUI and resources folder
  • Please set your Base SDK in your XCode project settings to the highest iOS SDK (currently 5.0), and set your deployment target to the minimum SDK level that you need (e.g. 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 etc). Set your Targeted device family to iPhone, Ipad or iPhone/iPad, depending on your needs.

Steps for setting up the Demo app :

  • Enter your application key and secret

    • You have to register your iPhone app at your developers dashboard panel on
    • If you have registered your app successfully you should now have an Application Key and Secret (press "edit" on at the right side of your app to view the keys).
    • Locate the pinkelstar.plist file in your Xcode project. It should be in your PinkelStar/Resources group at the left side of your Xcode window.
    • Double click to open pinkelstar.plist within Xcode and enter your Application Key and Secret there
    • Save the pinkelstar.plist file
  • Please note that you can customize nearly everything with PinkelStar. You do not need to use the default provided UI elements or buttons. You can set the type of message that the user can share, you can add a URL to content that the user wants to share etc. etc. See the PSMainViewController.h and PSShareButton.h files for all options.

Compile and run!

Instructions for using the PinkelStar iOS library in your own project

Clone the PinkelStar-iOS repository using :

git clone

and follow the README.mdown instructions to set up PinkelStar in your project

Please post feature requests and bug reports to the GitHub issues tab.

If you see a possible improvement or feature which can be added, please fork this project, make the required changes, and send us a pull request so we can merge your enhancements in to the master UI project.

Please post your questions to the support forum and we will answer ASAP.

Happy Coding,

The PinkelStar Team

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