C# RestAPI Client for the Pinmaps.net Service
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A C# Rest API Client for the Pinmaps.net Service

The Best way to save your favorite locations on a map


Pinmaps.net is an online service that lets individuals easily search, save, share and quickly access their favorite locations on a map.
Pinmaps.net allows you to create maps where you can add map points (push pins) to it.
What makes this service stand out from other services is that you can save each map point with its own zoom level and map type.
We suggest that you get familiar with the Pinmaps.net service and understand the concepts behing it before attempting to use the API.

What you need

In order to interact with the Pinmaps API you need to get a developer's API key and a user's API key. Every single call to the API requires four main credentials: DeveloperApiLogin, DeveloperApiKey, Username, and UserApiKey.

Obtaining these four API Credentials is a three step process:

Your Developer's API key will allow you to interact with your own pinmaps account as well as to make calls to the Pinmaps API on behalf of other users. If you want to make API calls on behalf of other users you need to ask them for their user's API key.

API Documentation

For complete API documentation visit: http://api.pinmaps.net/Documentation/