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Pinta Community Addins

This repository is for distributing community-contributed add-ins to all Pinta users, replacing the old and slightly unreliable server system we used to use. Please note that in this repository you only commit the finished and packaged binaries for your add-ins. You should still keep your source code, isue trackers etc. in a git repository of your own.

The repository

Go to (also Linux/Mac/Windows for platform specific addins) to check out the currently availble addins, and add the repository to Pinta 1.5 by opening the addin manager, going to Gallery -> Manage repositories -> Add, and adding this URL.

Adding to the repository

  • Make sure you have mautil installed by installing the mono-addins-utils package.
  • Build your add-in as described in the tutorial (look at the existing add-ins for a hint).
  • Run "mautil pack" on your resulting DLL file to create a mpack file (Mono.Addins installaton package).
  • Copy that mpack file to the correct "repository" subfolder.
    • If your addin is crossplatform, put it in the "All" folder (You don't need to put the same mpack in the three platform subfolders, just the one cross-platform folder.)
    • If your addin depends on different things on different platforms (like native code), put it in the correct subfolder.
    • Remember that if you're updating a previously published package and have given it a new version number, you should delete the old one. (Unless your new package requires a different version of Pinta and you want to keep the old version available as well.)
  • Run "" to regenerate the add-in index.
  • If you wish, you can locally test that your mpack works by adding the repository in Pinta through Add-in Manager -> Gallery -> Manage repositories -> Add -> Register a local repository, and then installing the addin that way.
  • Commit to git and send a pull request to get your add-in included/updated. (Reliable add-in authors may be given commit rights to the main repository)
    • The pull request should include changes to index.html, root.mrep, main.mrep (from running the update script), and your addin mpack.
  • Voilà, your add-in is now available to every Pinta user! (From 1.6 onwards, or if they have added the repository manually)


For debian: "apt-get install mono-addins-utils"


What little code there is in this repository is MIT/X-licensed just like Pinta. Individual addins contributed to this repository can have different licenses on their source code, but by committing them here you agree to allow unlimited distribution of the binaries.


See the Mono.Addins wiki for more info on mautil and mpack.

See the Pinta wiki for more on creating Pinta addins.