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BINDIR = $(srcdir)/bin
$(BINDIR)/Pinta.exe \
$(BINDIR)/Pinta.Core.dll \
$(BINDIR)/Pinta.Gui.Widgets.dll \
$(BINDIR)/Pinta.Resources.dll \
$(BINDIR)/Pinta.Effects.dll \
# target: all - Default target: build
all: build
# target: run - Launch the uninstalled copy
$(MONO) bin/Pinta.exe
# target: help - Display callable targets.
egrep "^# target:" Makefile | sed 's/^# target:/make/'
# target: build - Build Pinta.
build: Pinta.sln
cd $(srcdir) && $(XBUILD) Pinta.sln
cd $(srcdir) && $(XBUILD) Pinta.Install.proj /target:CompileTranslations
# target: list - List source files.
if ! git status > /dev/null 2> /dev/null ;\
then \
find . -type f -name *.cs | sed 's|./||' ;\
else \
git ls-files | grep '\.cs' ;\
#target: updatepot - update the messages.pot file
updatepot: build
find . -type f -name *.cs | sed 's|./||' > files.list
grep -v System.ComponentModel.Composition files.list > files2.list
xgettext --from-code=UTF-8 -f files2.list -o po/messages.pot
cat po/ >> po/messages.pot
rm files.list
rm files2.list
# target: clean - Default clean command: cleanobj and cleanbin
clean: cleanobj cleanbin
# target: distclean - Removes configure files.
distclean: clean
rm -f Makefile pinta config.status config.cache config.log configure.lineno config.status.lineno
# target: cleanall - Removes build files.
cleanall: distclean
rm -rf autom4te.cache
rm -f configure aclocal.m4 missing install-sh
# target: cleanbin - Removes built files.
rm -rvf $(BINDIR)/*
# target: cleanobj - Removes temporary build files.
find $(srcdir)/ -type d -name obj | xargs rm -rvf
# target: install - Installs Pinta.
install: pinta $(BINFILES)
cd $(srcdir) && $(XBUILD) /target:Install /property:InstallPrefix=$(DESTDIR)$(prefix) \
/property:BinDir=$(DESTDIR)$(bindir) /property:LibDir=$(DESTDIR)$(libdir) \
/property:DataRootDir=$(DESTDIR)$(datarootdir) /property:ManDir=$(DESTDIR)$(mandir) \
/property:LocaleDir=$(DESTDIR)$(localedir) Pinta.Install.proj
$(INSTALL_SCRIPT) pinta $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/$(PACKAGE)
# target: uninstall - Uninstalls Pinta.
$(XBUILD) /target:Uninstall /property:InstallPrefix=$(DESTDIR)$(prefix) Pinta.Install.proj
# target: release - Default release type: releasetar
release: releasetar
# target: releasetar - Make a release tarball.
releasetar: $(BINFILES)
cd $(BINDIR) && tar -czf ../$(RELEASE_FILE).tgz --exclude=*mdb *
# target: releasezip - Make a release zip file.
releasezip: $(BINFILES)
cd $(BINDIR) && zip -r ../$(RELEASE_FILE).zip * -x "*.mdb"
EXTRA_DIST = Pinta Pinta.Core Pinta.Effects Pinta.Gui.Widgets Pinta.Resources Pinta.Tools po Tarball xdg \
license-mit.txt license-pdn.txt readme.txt todo.txt Pinta.sln Pinta.Install.proj
.PHONY: install uninstall cleanall cleanbin cleanobj release releasetar releasezip
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