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Merge pull request #120 from hasufell/master

Use PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG macro to check for pkg-config
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2 parents f751723 + 2dfeb6f commit a3b367943866361344bd061554dde4c41b0e1f5e @cameronwhite cameronwhite committed Jun 5, 2016
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@@ -7,10 +7,7 @@ YELP_HELP_INIT
dnl pkg-config
-AC_PATH_PROG(PKG_CONFIG, pkg-config, no)
-if test "x$PKG_CONFIG" = "xno"; then
- AC_MSG_ERROR([You need to install pkg-config])
AC_PATH_PROG(XBUILD, xbuild, no)
AC_PATH_PROG(MONO, mono, no)

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