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Sep 18, 2011

  1. Manish Sinha

    Got the basic version of localized desktop file working. The values a…

    …re not getting substituted by atlest .desktop file is getting created
  2. Manish Sinha

    Added Makefile reference in so that Makefile can be gene…

    …rated for xdg directory and also change pinta.desktop to
  3. Manish Sinha

    Fixed the build system and also added the file

    Detailed explanation of the changes are:
    * Added file which will be used to build extensions for pinta since Pinta now has Mono.Addins support
    * Added pinta.pc in file AC_CONFIG_FILES
    * Removed the entries for 'Tarball', 'System.ComponentModel.Composition', 'readme.txt' from EXTRA_DIST in ./
    * Added '' in EXTRA_DIST in ./
    * Added 'pinta.pc' in distclean section of ./
    * Created MACRO named 'PINTA_ASSEMBLY_PC' in ./
    * Added automake magic variables in ./
    * Fixed BINFILES macro by removing 'Extensions' path entry for Pinta.Effects.dll and Pinta.Tools.dll
    * Removed 'System.ComponentModel.Composition.dll' from BINFILES macro
    * Added file which contains the link to all the assemblies present with Pinta
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