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@cameronwhite cameronwhite released this May 24, 2014

This release includes many new features and improvements, as well as over 90 bug fixes:

New Features / Improvements:

  • Re-editable text
  • Mouse cursors now resize based on the active brush size.
  • The Move Selection and Move Selected tools can now rotate the selection using the right mouse button.
  • Added an Invert Selection command.
  • New or redesigned mouse cursors for every tool.
  • Improved OSX integration (file associations and improved dock integration)
  • Redesigned Windows installer, which automatically downloads and installs the correct version of GTK# and the .NET Framework if necessary
  • Improved JPEG Compression Dialog (remembers previous settings and has the OK button as the default control)
  • The Open File dialog now shows image previews for ORA files, as well as any file formats provided by add-ins.

Add-in Support:

Pinta now supports add-ins that can provide additional effects, tools, brushes, and file formats.

  • Users can use the Add-in Manager (under the Add-ins menu) to browse and install add-ins.
  • We are in the process of setting up a community add-in repository which will be included by default in future Pinta releases.
  • Developers can visit to learn more about developing their own add-ins.

Bug Fixes:

A full list of bug fixes is available at

  • Fixed a bug with saving to filenames with non-English characters on Windows.
  • Fixed a crash when the Pixel Grid was turned on for very small images
  • Fixed a bug on Windows where the clipboard would sometimes paste old images.
  • Fixed a bug in the Freeform Shape tool that caused it to function incorrectly when running on newer versions of GTK#.
  • Fixed a bug in the text tool that caused font variants (e.g. Segoe Black and Segoe Condensed) to not work correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Rectangle Select markers to still be visible after undoing a selection.
  • Fixed several dialogs that did not have correct parent windows
  • Fixed a bug with using non-English fonts in the text tool on Windows
  • Fixed a bug that caused part of the image to be lost when pasting a large image onto a smaller canvas
  • Fixed a bug in the Gradient tool that caused an empty 1-pixel line to appear at the top of the image.
  • Fixed a bug where using the Backspace key in the text tool while inside a selection would fill the selection instead of deleting a character.
  • Fixed a bug where the canvas would be redrawn slightly incorrectly when zoomed in or out.
  • Fixed a bug where a pasted image would be pasted at the top left of the image instead of the top left of the window when zoomed in
  • Fixed conflicting shortcuts for the Brightness and Contrast tool and the Copy Merged command
  • Fixed a bug where some icons would not display correctly with GTK# 2.12.20
  • Fixed a crash when pasting into a new image with an empty clipboard
  • Fixed a crash when leaving the Move Selection tool with no open documents.
  • Fixed several bugs with drawing off-canvas with the Paintbrush and Pencil tools
  • The About dialog now uses the system default font instead of a hardcoded font.
  • If no images are open, Ctrl+V now pastes into a new image.
  • Fixed issues with the Magic Wand cursor's hotspot being incorrect
  • Fixed a bug with the Clone Stamp tool's cursor after changing the brush width
  • The percentage fields in the Resize Canvas/Image dialogs now get focus and selection when the dialog is opened.
  • The order of the buttons in the Save dialog now match the standard Windows order when running Pinta on Windows
  • The layer preview is now updated correctly after pasting an image
  • Fixed bugs with being unable to open certain PNG files on Windows.
  • Pinta can now be quit from the OSX dock
  • Pinta can now be correctly restored by left clicking on the dock icon after minimizing it on OSX
  • Files can now be opened by dropping them on Pinta's dock icon.
  • Closed images are now properly removed from the Window menu on OSX.
  • Pinta now has correct file associations for OSX and can be used to open images from Finder.
  • Fixed several bug when running Pinta with newer versions of Mono.Cairo (such as on Ubuntu 14.04).

Contributors for this release:

The following people directly contributed to this version of Pinta:

Andrew Davis, Cameron White, David Nabraczky, Don McComb, Elvis Alistar, Jonathan Pobst, Robert Nordan, and Tom Kadwill

Thanks to everyone who contributed translations, filed bugs, made
packages, and everything else!

Contributors to past releases:

Aaron Bockover, Adam Doppelt, Adolfo Jayme Barrientos, Akshara Proddatoori, Andrew Davis, Anirudh Sanjeev, Balló György, Cameron White, Ciprian Mustiata, Felix Schmutz, Greg Lowe, Hanh Pham, James Gifford, Jean-Michel Bea, Joe Hillenbrand, John Burak, Jon Rimmer, Jonathan Pobst, Juergen Obernolte, Khairuddin Ni'am, Krzysztof Marecki, Maia Kozheva, Manish Sinha, Marco Rolappe, Martin Geier, Mathias Fussenegger, Mikhail Makarov, Obinou Conseil, Olivier Dufour, Richard Cohn, and Robert Nordan

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