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Simple Gtk# Paint Program

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Pinta - Simple Gtk# Paint Program
Copyright (C) 2010 Jonathan Pobst <monkey AT jpobst DOT com>

Pinta is a Gtk# clone of Paint.Net 3.0:

Original Pinta code is licensed under the MIT License:

Code from Paint.Net 3.36 is used under the MIT License and retains the
original headers on source files.

See license-pdn.txt for Paint.Net's original license.

Icons are from:

- Paint.Net 3.0 -
Used under MIT License

- Silk icon set -
Used under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

- Fugue icon set -
Used under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

Linux Build and Installation Instructions:

Building Pinta requires the follow software:
mono mono-xbuild automake autoconf libmono-cairo2.0-cil gtk-sharp2

Pinta only supports version 2.8 or higher of Mono.

To build Pinta, run:
sudo make install

or if building from a tarball, run:
sudo make install

To use different installation directory than the default (/usr), run this instead:
./ --prefix=<install directory>

To uninstall Pinta, run:
sudo make uninstall

To clean all files created during the build process, run:
make cleanall
*Note* This will require you to rerun in order to run more make commands.

For a list of more make commands, run:
make help
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