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Typesetting Plugins for TinyMCE 4.4.3:

  • Embed and edit mathematics with the LatexEditor
  • Write code with syntax highlighting with preCode
  • Type nicely formatted keyboard shortcuts with kbd tags


The idea was to create a computer science oriented plugin toolsuite for the popular WYSIWYG web editor TinyMCE to write articles with mathematics and code more easily and fluently. There wasn't any similiar plugin available so I decided to create a bundle. With the time there will eventually come more. If you have an idea I would be glad to hear from you!


A complete example webpage can be found in the folder ./src/test. There you see the full integration of the plugin into TinyMCE.

Used Libraries

Bootstrap [Bootstrap] ( is used for the styling of the dialog windows for the plugin itself. Check out the next section Quick Installaion if you want to use your bootstrap CSS.

Equation Editor Mathematics can be written in LaTex code. The plugin uses the Equation Editor from [CodeCogs] ( It's easy to use - the LaTex Code gets transformed to an image and no extra library is needed. Con: no offline usage because internet connection needed.

PRISM As syntax highlighter [PRISM] ( is used.

Quick Installation

You can build all sources by yourself but if you want to start right away the following quick start option is available: Download the latest release [here] ( (all folders in folder ./src/plugin) and follow the instructions below.

Easy Way with final version

  1. Download the [Tiny MCE Editor] (
  1. Find the TinyMCE plugins folder, ~/tinymce/plugins (where ~/tinymce is the root directory of the TinyMCE installation) and copy all directories from ./src/plugin into it.
  2. Integrate TinyMCE into your web page in the normal way.
  3. On your web page, locate the TinyMCE.init function, and add the following names to the plugins property: 'preCode', 'kbd', 'latexeditor'
  • Do the same with the toolbar property if you want to add buttons of the corresponding plugins in the TinyMCE toolbar
  1. The final code should look like:
  <textarea id="content"></textarea>
        function getBaseURL() {
            return location.protocol + "//" + location.hostname +
                    (location.port && ":" + location.port) + "/";
            selector: '#content',
            plugins: ['kbd', 'preCode', 'latexeditor'],
            toolbar: ['kbd', 'preCode', 'latexeditorButton'],
            jqueryPath: getBaseURL() + "TinyMCECodeToolsPlugins/src/libs/jquery-1.12.3.min.js",
            boostrapCSS: getBaseURL() + "TinyMCECodeToolsPlugins/src/libs/bootstrap.min.css"


Typesetting Plugins for Code and suchlike for tinyMCE




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