Dependency injection, logging and configuration in a .NET Core console application.
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Pioneer .NET Core Console Boilerplate

Boilerplated .NET Core console application that includes dependency injection, logging and configuration.


The project.json file has been migrated to .csproj and will require the latest .NET tooling. Of which is available in Visual Sudio 2017 & up.

How do I get it


Nuget package is hosted at Pioneer.Console.Boilerplate and can be installed by running the following...

dotnet new -i Pioneer.Console.Boilerplate::*


How do I use it

Once the template is installed and available in dotnet new, you can run the following to scaffold your new project using this template.

dotnet new pioneer-console -n "MyName"

For additional information about config switches for the template, run the following...

dotnet new pioneer-console -h


Config Parameter Description
--title Replaces title in console window header.


This came to life after I wrote the following blog posts.