Generates project files for Xcode, Visual C and Makefiles from a xml definition file
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Generates project files for numerous compilers, IDE:s and makefiles from a XML definition file.

Command line 
	-i <xml file>
	-p <platform> 
   	-g <generator>
   	[-n optional override to project name] 
   	[-d optional path to data]
   	[-r optional path to resource files]
  • -i xml_definition_file. The definition file to use. See below.
  • -p platform_name. mac_os_x, ios, windows or linux.
  • -g generator. visualc, xcode, makefile, codelite or codeblocks.
  • -n project_name. The name to use for the generated files.
  • -d path_to_data. Data that should be included in the build. Mostly for iphone (iOS) platforms.
  • -r resource_files. Resources, such as icons and plist files.

XML tags

  • target. Either an executable or library.
  • dependency. Includes another XML-definition to the target. Either merges it in or depends on the library it produces.
  • source. Includes all found (source) files in the specified directory. Optionally can include all sub directories recursively.
  • header. Search path for include files.
  • define. Adds a preprocessor define.
  • library-path. Paths to library files.
  • configuration. Defines a configuration. Defaults are "debug", "release", "internal" and "distribution".
  • platform. Platform-specific options are placed inside this tag scope.

Sample XML file

<target name="my-project" type="executable">
	<dependency filename="some_other.xml" merge="true" />

	<header directory="include/render" />
	<header directory="../external/libogg-1.3.0/include" />

	<source directory="source/sound" recursive="true" />
	<source directory="source/thread" />

	<library-path directory="lib/" />

	<configuration name="debug">
		<define name="HAVE_ALLOC_H" />

	<platform name="mac_os_x">
		<library filename="Cocoa.framework" />
		<library filename="OpenGL.framework" />

	<platform name="linux">
		<source directory="source/posix" exclude="[main.c]"/>
		<library filename="GL" />
		<library filename="pulse-simple" />

		<configuration name="debug">
			<define name="LINUX_DEBUG" value="1" />