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Exam Simulator

The aim of this project is to create a basic platform for conducting mock exams (at this point it's only Oracle Certified Expert Web Component Developer one.)

It is a replacement for old Wordpress based questions available on my site.


This project is aimed at Java EE 6, so it uses the following technologies:

  • EJB - application entry-point and transactions,
  • CDI - business logic, POJO injection, produces methods, observers,
  • JSF - front-end,
  • JPA - persistence layer,
  • Bean Validation (JSR 303) - for cross-layer validation of entities and inputs.


This project is deployed on OpenShift's JBoss AS 7.1 cartridge so its structure consists of several OpenShift's elements (.openshift, deployments/). It works with the OpenShift's PostgreSQL cartridge and is built with Jenkins.


Project consists of unit tests and integration tests. Unit tests are executed by default during the Maven's test phase. The integration tests are executed only when integrationTests profile is activated, so during: mvn -PintegrationTests test. The latter one requires the JBoss AS 7 running somewhere - it will be used by the Arquillian in the remote mode.